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Howard's Engineering has over 50 years experience in designing, fabricating, repairing, and selling heat transfer products. Located in Los Angeles, CA in the city of Pico Rivera, using the latest design and manufacturing standards, we make heat transfer products as well as repairing and replacing existing heat transfer products. Howard's Engineering products will fit most any need you have. For repairs, we are capable of hydro-testing, cleaning, tube replacement, re-rolling or rebuilding any make or model of U-Tube, shell and tube or straight tube heat exchanger. The heat transfer products available include but are not limited to: shell and tube heat exchangers, unfired clean steam generators, unfired steam generators, domestic water heat exchangers (single or double wall), instantaneous heat exchangers, semi-instantaneous heat exchangers, storage water tank heat exchangers, sample coolers for boiler blow down, finned tube heat exchangers, steam blow down tanks, building heating heat exchangers, condensers, floating tubesheet heat exchangers, reboilers, gas vaporizers in addition to many more. Our heat exchangers utilize high temperature water, high pressure steam, low pressure steam, thermal fluids, in addition to many more as the primary heat source.

The company's ability to perform repairs to clients existing products as well as design new products has made us a successful company with a client list that includes hospitals, universities, theme parks, food processing plants, oil refineries, and hotels throughout the United States. Additionally, we strictly adhere to a quality assurance program insuring the quality of work and satisfaction of customers. Our products are designed using Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Association (TEMA) standards and are fabricated, tested, and stamped in accordance with the ASME Code, Section VIII, Division 1. Additionally, our products can be designed and fabricated in accordance with Military Specifications (MILSPEC).

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We have a fully equipped machine and welding shop which can comfortably handle units to 60" in diameter, 20 feet in length, and weighting up to 5 tons. Our tube bending facilities can accommodate tubing from 3/8" to 1½" in diameter. The welding shop is equipped with TIG and ARC welding machines, power rolls and positioners, and hydrotest equipment. All welding personnel, procedures and equipment are certified to the ASME Code.


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